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Swimming pool Tavernelle
Renovation and regulation adjustment
Tavernelle, Italy
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Tavernelle, Italy
Panicale and Piegaro City Hall

My description

Architectural project Andrea Posti
Structural project Andrea Posti
Construction Supervisor Ing. Andrea Posti
Designing safety supervisor Ing. Andrea Posti
Construction safery supervisor Ing. Andrea Posti
Work accomplished Complete
Project description

The whole series of interventions was necessary to render adequate the swimming pool in conformity with the regulations UNI 10637 of May 2006 implemented by the new regional law (Umbria) #4 of 3.2.2007 "Control in subject of sanitary prerequisites for swimming pools".

Technical data

Technicla data

  Volume of largest pool: 560 m3
  Usable volume of secondary pool: 40 m3
  Total volume of water to be filtered: 600 m3
  Filter capacity (flow rate) of new system: 200m3/h
  Usable recirculation time: 3 hours