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The engineering consulting group CONSTRU Ingegneria is founded on the basis of the experience gained in planning civil structures and special works in about 10 years as well as the active collaboration with other companies in the field during this period by engineers Stefano Battistoni, Enrico Colabrese, Alessio Costantini and Andrea Posti, drawn together by common professional experience, sharing  specific design tools as well as work methods.

The group CONSTRU Ingegneria offers services in civil engineering and in particular:

  • Designing, work supervision and consulting in the structural field for new buildings in seismic areas, masonry, concrete, steel and wooden structures even using non traditional techniques (isolation and seismic dissipation)
  • Analysis, designing, construction supervision and consulting services in reinforcement of pre-existing buildings with particular concern for improvement operations and seismic adjustment using even non traditional techniques (isolation and seismic dissipation)
  • Designing, construction supervision and consulting services in the field of special structures such as bridges, towers, silos etc.
  • Design and work EHS management on the basis of decree 81/2008
  • Evaluation of static safety and seismic safety of existing buildings in conformity with OPCM 3274 and s.m.i.

addressed to:

  • Design firms
  • State agencies
  • Construction companies
  • Service companies
  • Condominiums and privates clients

The strength of this group consists in the high quality of its services guaranteed by detailed planning, construction supervision, EHS coordination carried out with standardized procedures and always well documented and complying with the deadlines as well as by the work of the subordinates of each professional engineer at CONSTRU Ingegneria made up of highly qualified collaborators and consultants.
The geographic distribution of the members of the group, along with the use of informatic and computerized resources, allows the group to offer professional services at a high quality nationally and internationally.