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Seismic improving
Radicofani, Italy
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Radicofani, Italy
Municipality of Radicofani
Public Buildings
My description

Architectural project Alfonso Del Buono
Structural project Andrea Posti
Designing safety supervisor Ing. Andrea Posti
Work accomplished Structural Design and safety management
Project description

The main intervention for improving the seismic stability in conformity with the regulations in force (DM 14.1.2008 & Circ. 617/09) was the following:

  Substitution of ceiling on second floor made up of wooden beams and panels with a new ceiling of wooden beams cross double boarding with the aim of making a semi-stiff diaphragm;

   1) lowering of the height of the springer of the garret's flooring aimed at reducing its height on second floor walls (from about 4.90m to about 3.5m);

   2) putting into place of a perimetric spring course made up of steel angles having the same sides 80 x 8 linked to walls with holes f 24/500 L=400mm reinforced with steel bars f 16 and injected with mortar with the aim of creating an effective constraint against collapsing movements (upending outside of floor) perimetric walls;

   3) putting into place of new steel head tie rods near all intersecting walls linked to string course by way of threaded bars f 30 aimed at creating an effective new constraint against upending movements of the wall angles;

   4) putting into place of metal hooping in the new openings on last floor, foreseen in the architectural project, object of contract, in such a way as to conserve the stiffness and resistance compared to the present state;

   5) followed up by walled partitions (foreseen in the after earthquake of the 1st extract) up to the ceiling aimed at rendering homogeneous the stiffness along the vertical plane of the construction.

Technical data

 Historical school building of post unity period of 1871
 Seismic improvement of building in manonry