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Umbria earthquake, 15 december 2009
Damage repair and local strengthening
Marsciano, Italy
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Marsciano, Italy
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Structural project Andrea Posti
Work accomplished Strutctural Interventions Design
Project description

The building in question is an old rural, detached structure and part of a farming concern with 2 floors. The ground floor has a basement. The first floor is the living area. One entrance to the building offers access to the first floor and the rooms making up the ground floor which have other entrances. The oldest part of the building is make up of load bearing stone walls, wooden floors and flat tiles but two rooms have floors of reinforced brick.The relatively more recent part of the building has a steel floor with litte arcs with external stone walls and 4 brick columns in the center that reach up to the roof. The ceiling is in wood and flat tiles as are the gutters. The building in question was built in 2 phases. As far as the fissures are concerned there is not much linking between the vertical walls. The walls are in irregular stone. The proposed project aims at repairing the damage caused by the earthquake (repairing of fissures, like-for-like replacement, repairing of staircase, sealing of fissures in the partitions) to eliminate the structural weaknesses found (thickening of thin walls, closing of well clamped rooms and recesses, internal hooping in steel and reinforced holes, insertion of tie rods, local injection of mortar, demolition and partial rebuilding of damaged partitions) and, finally, to reinforce locally the structure (substitution of lintels, making of seismic bracing walls under the staircase, integrating of wooden beams and the hooping with cross stiffening brackets of the brick columns).

Technical data

Single Unit: Building #5000 Evacuation Order #541 of  19.12.09

Referral regulations: OPCM 3853/10 Art. 4, paragraph 2 - OPGR #164 of 20.07.2010