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Umbria earthquake
Damage repair and local strengthening
Perugia, Italy
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Perugia, Italy
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Structural project Stefano Battistoni
Construction Supervisor Ing. Stefano Battistoni
Work accomplished Technical earthquake supervisor - Finishing works
Project description

The building is of the 1950s and is detached and has 2 floors plus a garret. The ground floor is part of the living area and a store. The first floor is exclusively a living area and is reachable by way of a walled staircase as is the case with the usable garret. The vertical load bearing structure is made up of brick masonry for the external walls and brick columns together with partitions in concrete block for the internal structure. The flooring of the first floor and garret is made up of bricks (celersap); the ceiling is in wood and hollowed brick and the gutters are in overhanging hollowed brick. Particular attention was given to evaluating the quality of the walls with reference to how well or not their condition is. On the basis of the minimum knowledge obtainable (LC1) limited studies were made in situ including data from literature and regulations in force at time of contruction. The proposed intervention aims at repairing damage caused by the earthquake (repair of cracks, like-for-like replacement, repair of staircase, sealing of fissures in partitions) to eliminate the structural weaknesses found (thickening of thin masonry, the well clamped closing of rooms and recesses, demolition and rebuilding of ceiling, making a steel string-course in the ceiling) and, finally, to reinforce the structure locally (substitution of lintels, making of (mazzettoni)).

Technical data

Single unit: building #5009 Evacuation Order #444 of 17.12.09

Referral regulations: OPCM 3853/10 art.4, paragraph 2 - OPGR #164 of 20.07.2010