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Sant'Anna Railway Station
Seismic adjustment
Perugia, Italy
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Perugia, Italy
Ferrovia Centrale Umbra
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My description

Architectural project Prof. Paolo Verducci
Structural project Andrea Posti, Luca Cesaretti
Construction Supervisor Ing. Roberto Lorenzotti
Work accomplished Seismic adjustment project
Project description

The work foreseen is the plan for seismic adjustment of the Sant'Anna Railway Station in Perugia within the project for the conservative redevelopment of the building. The structural intervention has favored the obtaining of a level of seismic safety equal to that of adequate seismic safety. This was done keeping in mind the measures imposed by the conservative restoration such as the restoring of the original external architectural quality along with the upgrading of the internal space by making the rooms larger and more functional.

Technical data

Strategic seismic adjustment of masonry building

Building bound by Monuments and Fine Arts Office in conformity with D.Lgs 42/2004