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Boarding School “Principe di Napoli”
Extraordinary Maintenance
Assis, Italy
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Assis, Italy

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Project description

The National Boarding School "Principe di Napoli" in Assisi is a building complex whose parts are found in surrounding adjacent areas and are from different historical periods and thus of various types. The main building due to size, prominence and historical merit faces Piazza Matteotti (Building A), where the boarding school is located. It consists of the lodging for the boarders and services (bedrooms, canteen, kitchen, infirmary, laundry and ironing room), administrative offices and 3 schools: a lower secondary school, a scientifically oriented high school with annexed extracurricular facilities (swimming pool, refectory etc.) and an elementary school. Detached from the preceding building and with its own entrances there are other buildings which house respectively the gym with another pavilion for boarders (Building C) and the hotel-management school which is divided into 2 structures (Buildings D & E) and with its own administration separate from the boarding school. Over the years the building complex has undergone extraordinary maintenance. Presently a few adjustments are urgently needed in the area of the refectory and, in particular, 3 exits, adjustment of the theatre exit and the division of a few rooms belonging to the kitchen into different compartments. It is foreseen that the work will procede along with the normal use of the accommondation facilites.