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I.Z.S.U.M. Perugia - Building “D”
Perugia, Italy
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Perugia, Italy
Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale dell’Umbria e delle Marche - Perugia
Architectural project Stefano Battistoni
Structural project Stefano Battistoni
Construction Supervisor Ing. Stefano Battistoni
Designing safety supervisor Ing. Stefano Battistoni
Construction safery supervisor Ing. Stefano Battistoni
Work accomplished Preliminary and Detailed Design
Project description

All the work that was necessary with the aim mainly of carrying out extraordinary maintenance of the elements making up the roofing of the building with the exception of the main construction floor. This was done together with the restoration of the eaves gutter in reinforced concrete and the substitution of the rain water drainage system. As far as the facade is concerned, a superficial cleaning with subsequent treatment to conserve the parts in reinforced concrete is foreseen. The work planned on and the accurate choice of materials will rectify the critical condition presently found widely in the roofing and to a lesser degree in the parts in reinforced concrete in the facade. The expected result is the improvement from a functional point of view, and externally, of the inclusion in the territory of the building in question.
With respect to the roofing, the installation of a functional system against collapsing (Life Line) is foreseen, certified in conformity to UNIEN 795:2002, by means of a sliding horizontal and/or inclined cable in galvanized steel. Work will start by 2012

Technical data

Surface of roofing about 750m2