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School Gymnasium
Reduction of seismic vulnerability
Chiusi, Italy
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Chiusi, Italy


My description

Architectural project Stefano Battistoni
Structural project Stefano Battistoni
Construction Supervisor Ing. Stefano Battistoni
Work accomplished Complete
Project description

The various interventions were necessary with the aim of reducing the seismic vulnerability of the brick curtain walls with respect to the structure in RC of the gym in question. This gym is presently used for sporting activities of the lower secondary school and nursery school in Chiusi. The non structural elements of the interventions (curtain walls) previous to its undertaking were in critical condition for example non linking of these elements with the reference grid, heavy mass, elements taller than 3m which made them vulnerable with regard to seismic movements at right angles to their plan. Considering the request of the client to intervene only from inside the gym various measures were applied in function of the height of the facing walls in question, that is, walls less than 3m tall (1): use of steel plates placed at the wall's top and fixed to main RC structure with holes injected with epossidic resin. (2) Walls with h more than 3m: like (1) + installing of steel beams to create a structural grid and a constraint at h/2, possible place of walls cracking mechanisms.

Technical data

Surfaces curtain brick walls traited: about 220sm.