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Earthquake Abruzzo, 6th of April 2009
Repair of an earthquake damaged building
L'Aquila, Italy
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L'Aquila, Italy
Condominio di Viale Corrado IV
Commercial Buildings
My description

Architectural project Paolo Anzuini
Structural project Stefano Battistoni, Alessio Costantini, Andrea Posti
Construction Supervisor Alessio Costantini
Designing safety supervisor Stefano Battistoni
Construction safery supervisor Andrea Posti
Work accomplished Complete
Project description

Local repair and reinforcement of main structural elements with the aim of restoring fitness for use.
Intervention of structural reinforcement was evaluated and finalized.

A Damage repair

   A1 Repair of non structural elements and restoring of finish.
   A2 Demolition and rebuilding of non structural and secondary elements irreparably damaged or unsafe, such as, for example, pluggings, partitions, external walls, heavy plastering, fireplaces, cantilever roofs and cornices. 
   A3 Repair of damaged utility systems with the aim of restoring their use.
   A4 Local repair of structural elements

B Local reinforcement of main structural elements

  B1 Intervention of plugging and external facing of undamaged elements with the aim of avoiding collapsing, dangerous for personal safety.
   B2 Intervention of local reinforcement of structural elements in accordance with art. 8.4.3 of DM 14.01.08.

All of the above was carried out in conformity to artcles 8.4.3 and 8.7.4 of DM Jan. 14, 2008 with the aim of impeding the development of local movement and/or fragile movement and thus to improve the global stability of the structure.

Technical data

Building of the 1960s with reinforced concrete floors 

Total treadable floor space about 6000m2

Number of floors: 2 underground and 4 above ground